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Moved by compassion and rooted in faith, we are a community actively engaged in ministries of peace, justice and reconciliation. Gospel-based hospitality and welcome form the heart of our congregation. We are LGBTQ+ inclusive, committed to gender and racial equity, and honor the dignity of all persons. We are thoughtful; we are creative; we are joyful; we are persistent! Through worship, prayer, and action, we seek to become the Beloved Community reflecting the love and justice of Jesus Christ.

We are part of the Presbytery de Cristo, the Synod of the Southwest, and the Presbyterian Church USA.


You’re In Good Company.

What a warm and welcoming community of worshipers. My husband and I have been looking for a church home that is practicing what is preached and I think we can stop looking.

Ahren A.

A welcoming church congregation with a strong social justice mission.

Elizabeth K.

Worshiped there recently. An amazing place. Pastor Bart is a rock star and the worship experience was super meaningful.

John M.

This church is my spiritual home. I fine comfort and love which gives me strength to continue my journey.

Phil B.

Amazing, progressive, active and creative congregation.

Lisie G.


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This Lent, as we mark a year of physical isolation, we turn to the wisdom of solitary monks, nuns, and other religious from 2,000 years of Christian spirituality. For week one, we've been looking at SOLITUDE and SILENCE... and we have a playlist for that.


This Lent, as we mark a year of physical isolation, we are turning to the wisdom of solitaries, anchorites, and cenobites: monks, nuns, and other religious from 2,000 years of Christian spirituality. This first week, we have been practicing (or considering) SOLITUDE and SILENCE... and we have a ...playlist for that. Check the link in our stories to listen along!


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An announcement from our “Shoe Specialist,” @mrosborne: the clothing coordinator for our partners at Casa Alitas — a shelter in town for people seeking asylum — is requesting our help in collecting shoes for their guests. See the link in our bio to access our Amazon Wish List and purchase a... pair and they’ll be shipped to the church office:

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It’s been a challenging year but our session (council/board) has consistently stepped up... and has kept their sense of humor in tact! #session #elders #presbyterian #PCUSA #StMarksAZ

Starting this Sunday, we will embark on a Lenten series, “A Spirituality of Staying Put”. Drawing inspiration from the lives of people in Christian history who spent long stretches of time by themselves (or stuck in one place), this sermon series will focus on spiritual aspects of our ...experiences of the pandemic as we approach its one-year mark. We will explore figures like Syncletica of Alexandria (who?) and Julian of Norwich; themes such as silence, solitude, and letting go; and prayer practices to compliment those themes. Join us on Zoom/YouTube as we look inwardly... and back in time.

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“Remember, child of God, that you are of the earth and to the earth you will return.”

#AshWednesday2021 #ItsOilThisYear #AlsoDirt #StMarksAZ

Do Justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly with Our God.


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