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Moved by compassion and rooted in faith, we are a community actively engaged in ministries of peace, justice and reconciliation. Gospel-based hospitality and welcome form the heart of our congregation. We are LGBTQ+ inclusive, committed to gender and racial equity, and honor the dignity of all persons. We are thoughtful; we are creative; we are joyful; we are persistent! Through worship, prayer, and action, we seek to become the Beloved Community reflecting the love and justice of Jesus Christ.

We are part of the Presbytery de Cristo, the Synod of the Southwest, and the Presbyterian Church USA.


You’re In Good Company.

What a warm and welcoming community of worshipers. My husband and I have been looking for a church home that is practicing what is preached and I think we can stop looking.

Ahren A.

A welcoming church congregation with a strong social justice mission.

Elizabeth K.

Worshiped there recently. An amazing place. Pastor Bart is a rock star and the worship experience was super meaningful.

John M.

This church is my spiritual home. I fine comfort and love which gives me strength to continue my journey.

Phil B.

Amazing, progressive, active and creative congregation.

Lisie G.


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We can finally announce Tyrell Blacquemoss as the inaugural McCoy Choral Scholar in memory of late St. Mark's elder and long-time choir member Jan McCoy. In this new role, Tyrell will provide musical leadership in the St. Mark's choir, lead hymns during worship. We're so lucky and ...thrilled to have Tyrell as part of our music team!


Raised in Kenosha, WI — Tyrell Blacquemoss (they/he) is a prophetic dreamworker and descendant of a long line of Black Prayer Warriors, African priests, and Turtle Island Medicine People. He founded DREAM School and is expanding DREAM School into a K-20 African Indigenous school, sustenance learning farm, teaching birth center, and clinic. He is a composer, classically trained violist, and self-taught singer creating the new form of Medicinal Media, a cousin of spiritual jazz. His Medicinal Media combines the musical traditions of his gospel choir parents, African and Indigenous ancestry, and his spiritual training as a Sangoma and cross-cultural shamanic practitioner.
[ID: a photo of Tyrell, a Black trans person with white text overlay that reads "McCoy Choral Scholar: Tyrell Blacquemoss (they/he)]


PRAYER FOR RESISTANCE TO EXPLOITATION- God of all wealth and honor, we are living under the empire of land-grabbing and mineral-exploitation. We pray that under the mighty power of the triune God and our lives together, we may be liberated from this evil. In solidarity we ...resist the evil of land grabbing and mineral-exploitation. In the name of Jesus Christ, the liberator of us all. Amen. (Adapted from "Liturgies from Below: Praying with People at the Ends of the World")
[ID: A photo of Chi’chil Biłdagoteel (Oak Flat), a sacred site to the Apache people and other Indigenous nations, which Resolution Copper has proposed to destroy to build a copper mine. Text overlay reads "PROTECT OAK FLAT"]

Last Sunday we prayed with the timeless words of Pete Seeger, and were led in song by The Folkies! Deep gratitude for their musical leadership in our worship. Are you looking for way(s) to use your musical gifts in community with others? Email St. Mark's director of music Nicky Manlove at ...nicky@stmarksaz.org because we have an ensemble for you!
[Image description: a photo of the musical group The Folkies in the St. Mark's sanctuary, with white text overlay that reads, "A time for peace... I swear it's not too late."]

How fast can y’all make 1000 sandwiches?! The body of Christ had our wheaties this morning because we did it in an hour! We were so glad to be together this morning and sharing in the joy of belonging to one another.

We are so grateful to have been led in worship this weekend by Rev. Pedro Ramos-Goycolea from Comunidad Limen, whose wisdom was a perfect preparation for our observance of Indigenous Peoples' Day today. On this particular day celebrate all Indigenous people, and affirm that every day we at St.... Mark's occupy the stolen lands of the Tohono O'odham and Pascua Yacqui peoples. Ours is a faith that compels us stand against the evils of empire and colonization and to do the holy work of protecting self-determination for Indigenous peoples everywhere. May it be so.

[Image description: a photo of Rev. Pedro Ramos-Goycolea at the pulpit with his hands raised, and white quoted text that reads 'It is Jesus' priority to walk through these [liminal] spaces and to heal, and restore, and make whole that which Empire has broken.' A text box beneath reads 'The Rev Pedro Ramos-Goycolea, Pastor, Comunidad Limen Christian Church.']

Our congregation’s leaders spent part of the weekend with facilitators from The Ministry Collaborative, “a national network of pastors and congregations committed to faithful, creative, and collaborative engagement in their communities.” Their team will be guiding our session (board) in ...discerning what steps God is calling us to take in this next, exciting season of the church’s life. Please pray for them/us in this discernment process… and stay tuned!

This week in worship, we are joined by the Rev. Pedro Ramos-Goycolea who will co-lead us in worship with Pastor Bart and will preach a sermon titled "Striving for Wholeness." Rev. Pedro Ramos-Goycolea is the pastor and organizer of Comunidad Limen. CL is a faith collective based in ...Tucson, AZ, creating space for a progressive expression of Christianity among the Latinx community. We are grateful to be in community with Pastor Ramos-Goycolea and Comunidad Limen, and can't wait to worship together. See more of CL's work by following them on Facebook, Instagram (@comunidadlimen) and Twitter (@comunidadlimen)

[Image description: a photo of the pulpit at St. Mark's draped in green, Ordinary Time paraments. Rev Pedro's headshot is above the pulpit with a textbox that reads his name and "Pastor, Communidad Limen Christian Church; Sermon: "Striving for Wholeness."]

Do Justice, Love Kindness and Walk Humbly with Our God.


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