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Sword Magnet

June 21, 2020
Jesus warns us truly about the world as it is. But he promises us also that the world as it should be is coming.

Snakes and Doves

June 14, 2020
Jesus said, "See, I am sending you out like sheep into the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” What does that mean?

In the beginning

June 7, 2020
The great mystery of God and the great creative power within God, the love of Father for Son and Son for Father, the dwelling of the Son in the Father and the Father in the Son, the Spirit in and from the Son and the Father, cannot be reduced without reducing ourselves, made in this image. And we cannot reduce ourselves without reducing God, who made us as we are.

Breath and Fire

May 31, 2020
The Holy Spirit is still speaking. The Spirit is still uttering God’s life-giving, death-defying word. The question is: are we listening?

Breath and Fire

May 31, 2020
"The Holy spirit is still speaking. The Spirit is still uttering God's life-giving, death-defying word. The question is: are we listening?"
In one of her letters, Flannery O’Connor offers a straightforward assessment of the struggle to overcome doubt: “When we get our spiritual house in order, we’ll be dead.”
when our anger is the result of a bruised ego, we should find ways of managing it because, when acted upon, it can be harmful to others and spiritually toxic for ourselves. But when our anger is a consequence of love for neighbor or for ourselves, then it can be “fuel” for living faithfully as God’s people.
The Bible is full of lament, which is the practice of naming the experience of suffering and crying out to God about it. Grief and lament, these things go together. One is the weight we feel; the other is our attempt to express it.
There’s a children’s game I played only a few times—I was bad at it—called OPERATION!. It was battery-operated, but simple enough to play. The board was a cartoon outline of…

Give it a rest

April 26, 2020
Sabbath and jubilee are gifts God has given us for the proper balance and flourishing of the whole creation. In our time, doing less and consuming less are ways we put these ancient concepts of sabbath and jubilee into practice.