Jesus Christ calls us to be a joyful community that celebrates God's love, transforms lives, and is a force for justice in the world.

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Revealed by the Light

March 22, 2020
This pandemic and all that comes with it is bringing into full view things we’d rather not see. And yet it also revealing generosity, compassion, stamina, resourcefulness, and creativity!

Come to the well

March 15, 2020
Spiritual nourishment is actually as crucial to true living as nourishment for the body.

God Don’t Never Change

March 8, 2020
However threatening the road that lies ahead appears, our calling is to hold on to the One who “don’t never change,” the One who “neither slumbers nor sleeps.”

Into the Wilderness

March 1, 2020
Jesus journey into the wilderness mirrors our own “wilderness” experiences in which we learn about who God is and who we are.

Ash Wednesday

February 26, 2020
Lent, with its encouragement to fasting invites us to look our finitude in the face, to come into knowledge of the truth of ourselves, and to turn to God for forgiveness and sustenance because God’s nature is to forgive and to sustain.


February 23, 2020
Our readiness, our fitness, our expectations, are not the measure by which we receive things from God. The measure according to which God gives is God’s own nature as Gift-Giver.

You’ve heard it said…

February 16, 2020
This is Jesus' "inaugural sermon" as he establishes a new community reflecting the Rule of God. Love is the law in the Rule of God. The point of the Law,…

Stay Salty

February 9, 2020
Jesus steers us away from heroism or achievement and back into ordinariness. As salt is shaken out, we too have to be willing to dissolve and dissipate — to die…


February 2, 2020
Sometimes we, consciously or unconsciously, expect God to be a “bulldozer parent,” clearing the obstacles from our path. We run from grief. We anesthetize ourselves to pain. But God doesn't…

The Light

January 26, 2020
The Rev. Cindy Kohlmann, Co-Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), encouraged the congregation to continue showing the light of Christ's justice and mercy.